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Antabuse is used in certain people withchronic alcoholism.

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Th patint must b ully inomd th disuliam-alcohol action. H must b stongly cautiond against suptitious dinking whil taking th dug, and h must b ully awa th . possibl consquncs. H should b wand tavoid alcohol in disguisd oms, i.., in saucs, vingas, cough mixtus, and vn in atshav lotions and back ubs. H should alsb wand that actions may occu with alcohol up t14 days at ingsting disuliam.

Stp 2 : Th actaldhyd is uth mtabolizd, again by oxidation, by a dint nzym calld actaldhyd dhydognas. This nzym svs tdtoxiy actaldhyd by convting it inthamlss actic acid. Again, th d cicl dpicts th loss hydogn duing th action.

Dnot tak Antabus (disuliam) at last 12 hous at dinking alcohol taking dugs that hav alcohol in thm.

Disuliam is absobd slowly om th gastointstinal tact and is liminatd slowly om th body. On (vn two) wks at a patint has takn his last dos disuliam, ingstion alcohol may poduc unplasant symptoms.

Disuliam should nv b administd ta patint whn h is in . a stat alcohol intoxication, without his ull knowldg.

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