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On Oct. 7, state Attorney General John Suthers instructed all 64 county clerks to start issuing same-sex wedding licenses following the U.S. Supreme Court declined to know any appeals from the issue.

The guidance from Suthers observed months of legal wrangling that wound through state and federal courts with a slew of stays, sales and viewpoints. Listed here are 11 answers to commonly expected questions regarding same-sex wedding in Colorado.

Q: Same-sex wedding is currently appropriate in Colorado. Nevertheless the U.S. Supreme Court never heard a full instance from our state, and also the state Supreme Court never heard arguments in regards to the problem. Just How did same-sex marriage be appropriate here?

A: On Oct. 6, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to know any appeals concerning same-sex wedding. Two regarding the states which had appeals prior to the Supreme Court — Oklahoma and Utah — are beneath the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which comes with Colorado. The tenth Circuit previously had discovered homosexual wedding bans in Utah and Oklahoma become unconstitutional. The Supreme Court effectively made the appeals court’s rulings final and legalized same-sex marriage in Colorado and five other states within the district by declining to hear those appeals. The federal and state lawsuits challenging Colorado’s ban, authorized by voters in 2006, really had been closed following the Supreme Court announced its choice.

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