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Cardizem la tablets are white, capsule-shaped, and debossed with b on one side and the diltiazem content mg on the other.

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Information about Cardizem.

If you take this medicine after the expiry date has passedit may . not work as well.

If you do not follow your doctor’s instructionsyou may not get relief from your attacks of anginaor your blood pressure may not be as well controlled as it could be.

This leaflet answers some common questions about Cardizem CD capsules and Cardizem tabletsIt does not contain all the available information.

These medicines may affect your developing baby if they are taken during pregnancy.

Be careful driving or operating machinery until you know how these medicines affect you.

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the other one, by we i think you mean short-acting cardizem typically comes in 30 mg and 60 mg tablets , is short-acting, and faster acting, but out of systems usually within 6 hrs, so in some cases can be give three or 4 times day.

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